Frequently Asked Questions

Do all patients pay the same amount and get the same program at the Center for Nutrition?

No. Each patient is evaluated independently and has a custom program designed for them. Each patient has unique challenges and unique needs for nutrition and problem management. Some patients have relatively little weight to lose and minor medical problems, which may mean little of our resources are needed. Others have more serious medical issues and more weight to lose. If finances are ever a concern, please discuss that with our staff so we can problem solve with you. We never want finances to be an obstacle, and we do understand the need to stay within one’s means. Discuss any perceived limitations or financial obstacles with us so we can assist you in achieving the best possible health outcome while most effectively receiving the benefits of our program and resources. We are here to assist you and offer high professional standards along with understanding and personal support.

Will insurance cover care at the Center for Nutrition, including physician visits, dietitian visits, lab work, or other services?

Insurance plans are highly variable in what they will cover, what they will not cover, and under what circumstances they will cover how much. Since historically insurance companies have chosen not to cover nutritional counseling and weight loss services, we do not directly file claims to insurance companies. We will, however, provide you with all the appropriate documentation for you to submit your claims and seek reimbursement. We believe that your health is an excellent investment and we would rather work directly with you and for you than for your insurance company that might choose to tell you how often you could be seen and how long your treatment plan should last. We know from experience that weight loss is very difficult, time consuming and that success requires care, personal support, problem solving, and a long term treatment plan to maintain lasting success. Dr. Tague and his staff have pursued advanced training, education, and experience in the field of medical weight loss and nutrition. Insurance companies may or may not acknowledge your needs for medically supervised weight loss and the services that we offer. Many patients have received reimbursements, to varying degrees, for visits and laboratory services.

Can I use my employment provided Flexible Spending Account or Medical Savings Account for services at the Center for Nutrition?

Yes, many of our patients use their Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s) and Medical Savings Accounts for visits, lab services, and nutritional supplements. If your employer offers an FSA or MSA plan, we encourage you to take advantage of the government approved tax benefits these plans offer. Just let us know if you need assistance and we can provide a letter detailing your diagnoses and medically prescribed program components to facilitate your timely reimbursement.

Are there financial assistance programs available?

Yes. For those with low and fixed incomes, there is a financial assistance program available. Upon request, an application will be made available to you at your no-obligation consultation. Discounts are based on household income and number of dependents. Dr. Tague has arranged this charitable program to prevent income limitations from allowing anyone to participate in his program, especially if there is a medical need for Center for Nutrition services. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this program that is steeply discounted for those in the lowest income brackets. More modest discounts are available for others with higher incomes. The application can give you insight to see if you may qualify.

Are there other financing programs available that might be of assistance?

Yes. We also work with CareCredit, a credit payment option for health care services. With care credit, low interest and no interest options are available. This option can help you keep level monthly payments as you go through the program and prepare for maintenance. Learn more at