In The Program

Our guided, caring approach is designed around YOU, so we need to see you regularly.

A typical program includes:

  • Weekly visits with a dietitian or nutritionist
  • Regular monthly medical visits with a nurse or the Dr. to review medical status
  • Personal fitness review
  • Regular lab testing and evaluations to monitor your metabolic and chemistry profiles
  • Regular body composition analysis and measurements

You’ll also get access to our high quality, medically proven nutritional supplements and meal replacements which will insure that your weight loss efforts bring about real and predictable results.

All of this in an encouraging, comfortable, private and supportive atmosphere.

A safe and stress-free environment
We want this journey to be as safe and stress-free as possible. As you continue down the road to optimal health, you’ll see us less and less until only periodic visits are needed as you maintain your weight and health goals.  You will transition, with the help of your Dietitian or Nutritionist, to a maintenance diet developed specifically FOR YOU to maintain YOUR weight loss.  Typically, patients choose monthly maintenance visits to insure weight and nutritional goals are being maintained.

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