Second Visit

Continuing on your journey towards optimal health…

Your Metabolism
When you come back for a second visit, we continue your health journey. This time we are going to look closely at your metabolism from a medical point of view. Your metabolism is how your body takes in, uses and stores energy – and wow, is it complex!

Labs & Testing
We don’t leave this critical element up to guesswork. We’ll draw some blood and do lab testing to look at a whole series of medical and metabolic factors. We’ll look at blood sugar, fat metabolism, liver and kidney function, cholesterol levels, minerals, nutrients, inflammation levels and hormones. We’ll do an electrocardiogram to check out your heart health.

During this visit you’ll also get your baseline measurements and photos taken. Your “BEFORE” shots! We’ll need those later so you can see just how much progress you have made.  In addition to this, you’ll get a personal health notebook to start keeping track of your progress and all the educational materials you will receive.

Then we’ll send all these samples out to the lab for analysis prior to your next visit.

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