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Alyson lost over 70lbs in just 29 weeks!

My name is David Warthen and I reached my weight loss goal of 100 pounds in just over 26 weeks*… I am so happy with the results I got from Dr. Tague and his team that I would highly recommend it to anyone – and I do!  Investing in yourself is the smartest expenditure you can make.  I feel great and I am the healthiest that I’ve ever been, and I love that my jeans are now 12” smaller around the waist!  I can’t thank Dr. Tague and his staff enough for all they have done!

David Warthen

Doug lost over 70lbs in just 24 weeks

I have my life and my health back… Does it work? Like nothing else… Is it worth it? Yes, yes, yes! If you need it, find a way to do it. It will change your life. Listen to Dr. Tague, he knows his stuff, and he knows how to help!

Doug Templeton

Terri lost over 40 lbs in just 19 weeks

This really works! It is easy to stay on and I am not tempted to stray. The continual loss each week is about 2 1/2 lbs* for me and that loss encourages me even more. I have changed sizes and for the 1st time I am giving my “fat” clothes away instead of putting them on the shelf. I look so much better and the weight has come off all areas of my body.

Carol Yarmo

Timothy lost over 50 lbs in just 14 weeks!

The doctor and all of the staff are very professional, caring and encouraging. I have 2 good friends who lost weight on this program and they urged me to give it a chance. I urge YOU to do the same!

Janet Kinnaid

Helene lost over 65 lbs in just 37 weeks!

I began to feel healthier almost immediately. Within three weeks I realized how much I wished I’d have done this sooner! I had forgotten what it felt like to feel good!

Vanessa Vande Riet

Dennis lost over 70lbs in just 16 weeks

It all starts in your mind. Decide to take a positive step, and you’ll be able to do it. I truly thank all the super staff at Dr. Tague’s Nutrition Solutions… I’ve lost 123 lbs in a year… I no longer have high blood pressure and I feel great!

Sarah Duckworth

I have made leaps and bounds since starting the program. When I started, I couldn’t walk a block without stopping to catch my breath… With Dr. Tague’s program I lost over 50 pounds in just 14 weeks* and I just finished my first 5k!

Ashley Balliett

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