Initial Consultation

The first step in our program is an initial consultation with one of our professional and knowledgable staff.

Personal one-on-one consultation, medical, and nutritional history
In order to help you reach your goals, we need to understand your current condition and challenges. First, we need to evaluate where you are right now. We will take a complete medical and family history, as well as, determine your nutrition and health profile.

We’ll also take into account any mental and social stresses that may be affecting your metabolism, eating patterns and appetite.

Body Composition Analysis
Then, we perform an in-depth study of your body composition. Using the latest muscle mass and body fat analysis technology- called segmental bioelectrical impedance- we’ll be able evaluate how much body fat you have and how you are carrying it.  That’s important, because different kinds of body fat have different effects on the body. In particular, abdominal weight gain has an extremely negative impact on your metabolic health.

At the end of your initial visit to our office, we’ll give you a full breakdown of the commitment required to participate in the program. There are no hidden fees. But we do ask that once we invest our time in designing your individualized program, you give your best effort in following our recommendations. We’ll also offer you substantial discounts and free items for getting started on your program immediately. Time and again patients have regretted delays and reported, “if only I had done this earlier!”

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