The Tague Approach

The Tague Approach to Optimum Health

Realizing the power and necessity of excellent nutrition to achieve optimum health, Dr. Tague has devoted his career to developing and providing the professional services, products, and resources necessary to assist individuals in the pursuit of health and wellness through the power of nutrition and proper lifestyle.

By understanding how one’s metabolism, general health and body weight can often be managed through the power of nutrition, Dr. Tague has designed a “state of the art” nutrition and weight management program that is now available to individuals without a referral from their primary care physician.

What makes Dr. Tague's program different?A customized approach as well as personal care with one-on-one, individual consultations with a real medical doctor who specializes in helping people just like you pursue optimal weight and metabolic health.

Addresses common problems like excessive appetite, food cravings, chronic overeating, “yo-yo” dieting, stress or emotional eating, sluggish metabolism, and so much more – all under the supervision of a licensed medical physician.

Dr. Tague and his team can design a powerful nutrition plan specifically for you that will help you lose excess weight, deal with important medical conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes, and help keep you in control of your health.

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What does Dr. Tague's program address?

  • Hormonal evaluation to assess individual obstacles to weight loss
  • Metabolism hormone testing (thyroid hormone is only one example)
  • Sex hormone evaluation (Deficiencies of sex hormones can interfere with weight loss as well as limit sexual desire and response)
  • Weight cycling evaluation and treatment
  • Food cravings (sugar, carbohydrates, chocolate, salt, high fat foods)
  • Stress eating
  • Binge eating
  • Night time eating
  • Excessive hunger drive
  • Poor satiety (not feeling full after eating normal amounts)
  • Body composition analysis and monitoring to guarantee appropriate fat loss, not loss of
  • muscle and bone
  • Nutrient level testing and replenishment
  • Appetite and craving control, using multiple techniques and tools to optimize safety and effectiveness of treatment without hunger typical on other diets

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I have failed before, how can Dr. Tague's program help me?

If you have failed with standard diets before and want a customized weight loss solution managed and monitored by medical experts, this is an option for you. Every program offers a personal approach and care with one-on-one, individual consultations with a real medical physician…

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